Actorbots, Role Out!

optimus.jpgThursday, Central Casting is holding an open casting call for the next year’s potentially disastrous Michael Bay production of Transformers. Unfortunately, they’re only looking for 16-17 year-olds and 18-23 year-olds that look like high school students. That’s too bad for all of us nerds that are now in our 30’s. Still, I wonder how many people will show up in their homemade costumes to audition for juicy roles like Bumblebee and Megatron?

5 thoughts on “Actorbots, Role Out!”

  1. I was skeptical about this film until I read the gushing Latino Review of the script and how good it read. This guy usually has a good read (no pun intended) on this stuff

    No spoilers, he just speaks about how good it was and some details regarding characters and the general storyline.

    Here are some neato photos of the reference models for the film (Bumblebee & Devastator)

    And with Spielberg helping in the producing department, I sort of have some reinstilled faith in this project again.

  2. Consierding Bay is all about “Simple stupidity” This film should be perfect for him. Giant robots kicking each others asses over a glowing cube?

    Yeah, people shouldnt expect Shakespeare out of this one.

  3. As long as the goal is to make a popcorn film without regard to plausibility or respect for acting ability or anything more than a fourth graders comprehension of plot, Michael Bay will do awesome.

  4. What I want to know is what happened to the Michael Bay who made Armageddon? He freaking rocked. But the Bay who made Pearl Harbor and then that Island piece of shit? Great script or not I ain’t gonna buy into that hype.

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