LA Weekly Amputates Crossword Puzzle – Cites “Space Reasons”

A little frustrated that my queries to LA Weekly’s “feedback” have been ignored, I gave the local rag a phone call to find out why they’re no longer publishing the crossword puzzle.

“I’m telling anyone who asks, ‘space reasons,'” was the answer editorial assistant Mehammed Mack gave me. He also confirmed that this decision was made in house, and not at the Village Voice level.

After being removed from the paper, the crosswords remained for a short time on their website, but no more. Instead, their crossword puzzle page points out the obvious: that similar puzzles can be found elsewhere on the web.

Perhaps ironic is the Weekly’s recent positive review of the documentary, Wordplay, plus their acceptance of both online and print ad space of the same film.

Mehammed Mack also suggested that anyone who wants the crosswords to return to write a letter to the editor (address below or try their feedback form). If anyone would prefer to leave a note of protest in the comments here, please do and I’ll be sure to forward notice onto the LA Weekly.

(previous coverage with angry reader comments)

5 thoughts on “LA Weekly Amputates Crossword Puzzle – Cites “Space Reasons””

  1. I wish to protest Mr. Mack’s use of the phrase “I’m telling anyone who asks…” and hereby angrily demand the LA Weekly have someone else answer their phone.

    And I am deeply concerned for you, David. Without the crosswords to hand your girlfriend during your weekly lunches, have you figured out any alternatives? That must be a real puzzle.

  2. I just wrote them the following via the web form:

    I, and many other crossword loving LA Weekly fans, are devastated that you’ve just scrapped the print crossword puzzle.

    Just because us crossword puzzlers tend to be quiet, introspective types doesn’t mean we don’t care!

    Please bring the crossword back. Otherwise, I’ll have no reason to continue picking up the weekly. Even if it’s free, I’m not sure that a many-paged publication’s worth its environmental cost, if it’s crosswordless —


  3. The LA Weekly Puzzle has always been a challenge which I have enjoyed. “Space Reasons” sounds to me like the paper got greedy and just wanted more saleable ad space. Shame on you LA Weekly. Bring back the puzzle.

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