LA Animal Services – Doing More for the Little Ones

LA Animal Services
Pet of the Day

Adopt a pet today!

Big thanks to LA Observed for pointing me to two valuable sources for adopting pets in Los Angeles. One is that the LA Animal Serives cheif Ed Boks, who admiringly is working on making LA animal shelters “no kill”, has his own blog. The second is a new took that allows other blogs to post a bulletin of sorts with the LA Services “Pet of the Day.” How can you resist that face? The code on their site will…

…randomly give you every available animal in all of the LA City Animal shelters. You see a new animal every time you refresh or revisit the page. When they click the photo of the animal, they go to the detail page where they can see all the information for that animal.

You can view only cats, dogs or other animals such as bunnies, snakes, birds.

Having grown up with adopted dogs and having two dogs of my own (arguably the cutest dogs in existence who are actually sitting in my lap as I type this), one I got from a breeder and the other I rescued from the IMPS, I realized how important it is to give these little ones a second chance. Really, unless you want to show dogs, getting them from pet stores or backyard breeders is irresponsible. Plus, the stereotype is true – the little rescued ones really do appreciate life a little differently!