Earthquake Weather

Everyone I’ve run into for the past day or so has commented on the still and eerie “earthquake weather”.
And it does feel weird out… so I was wondering… Is the weather connected to the earth shaking? Something deep and primal must be set off in us humans when the days are hot, still and hazy. Then it suddenly changes with the wind kicking up something fierce. Earthquake weather…. can’t be real, right?

According to the USGS (United States Geological Survey) “there is no connection between earthquakes and weather. They are the result of geologic processes within the earth and can happen in any weather and at any time during the year. Earthquakes originate miles underground. Wind, precipitation, temperature, and barometric pressure changes affect only the surface and shallow subsurface of the Earth. Earthquakes are focused at depths well out of the reach of weather, and the forces that cause earthquakes are much larger than the weather forces. Earthquakes occur in all types of weather, in all climate zones, in all seasons of the year, and at any time of day”.

However, the latest reports on the ice melt in Greenland, there is increased seismic activity due to the tons of warmed water flow in the last couple of years. And the melting of the ice caps is definitely related to the weather! Just furthers my theory that everything is connected!

6 thoughts on “Earthquake Weather”

  1. Cool, that means my uncle’s old injury from the war can predict earthquakes??? Wait, I’m gonna call him …-… no, nothing on for today…

  2. This is not earthquake weather. Earthquake weather is rain followed by hot dry santa ana like conditions.

    This is actually weather that appears in August when we can get thunderstorms.

  3. Well, it rained here in culver city today and it’s so hot outside right now – very hot, very dry, and very windy. Hmmm…better use that museum wax!

  4. TOTAL tornado weather. when the wind picked up on whatever night thunder was booming i was looking around half-expecting to see one.

  5. It’s trippy….hot, then windy and rain, then hot. I think this qualifies. Better get out the earthquake guide.

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