Thunder, Lightning, The Way You Love Me Is Frightening

Last night, I went out to Shadow Society‘s grand debut. Shadow Society was Malediction Society last week, but with Malediction’s move to Saturday nights, the Sundays were re-dubbed. Malediction remains “steampunk and Neo-Victorian”, but Shadow is “Macabaret and Neo-Noir”. However, both nights seem to really translate out to the same dress code, and the same goth/industrial/ebm/synthpop that I go to dance to. The club was actually slightly quieter than usual for a Sunday night – but that might be because Dungeon was also opening across town. (By the way, did anyone out there go to that? I would love to hear about it if you did)

Anyways, on the way out, I realized I could hear actual thunder, and see a flash of lightning. And on the 10, on the way back out west to Venice, the road was suddenly damp. It was strange, that there was such an extreme line of demarcation. LAObserved mentioned the storm as being over Mar Vista, and I imagine it was localized to the west. So who experienced the thunderstorm last night out on the Westside – and did anyone hear or see it from points east of the Miracle Mile?

2 thoughts on “Thunder, Lightning, The Way You Love Me Is Frightening”

  1. i was wandering about atwater village last night around 1:30-2. i didn’t get any rain, thunder or lightning but i got weather that went from super-still, warm and pleasant (perhaps eerily quiet) to huge gusts of wind. it was rad.

  2. There was a small storm in Pasadena as well… first a strong gust of wind (a gust front?) that threw leaves and little branches everywhere around midnight, and then a period of lightning and a little thunder. After that it rained for about 3 minutes, not enough to do anything. It didn’t rain at my friend’s house just two or three miles away to the south.

    I was watching the radar and it looked like a storm popped up in Santa Monica/Venice and moved into malibu, and another one came out of the far west valley and moved southwest into the ocean.

    And yeah, this is a rare but occasional occurrence in late summer (August, September) but almost unknown in June. weird stuff!

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