The Good The Bad and The Ugly….

is playing tonight at Hollywood Forever. There’s nothing like sitting out under the stars with my honey, drinking some nice vino and watching a Sergio Leone spagetti western. Besides, I have a weakness for Clint Eastwood’s gravelly voice and okay….his impossibly hard abs. Yum.
The gates open at 7:30 and the gunslinger action starts at 9pm. 6000 Santa Monica (at Gower) in Hollywood.

3 thoughts on “The Good The Bad and The Ugly….”

  1. Clint Eastwood is “the good,” Lee Van Cleef is “the bad,” and Eli Wallach is “the ugly” and I am the biggest fan of this movie.

  2. I love watching movies at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. I took my boyfriend and best friend (both their first times) two weeks ago when they showed Dr. Strangelove. This event is getting very popular because we were in a very long line just to get in.

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