Long Drive Time + Car Trouble = Metro!

The art at Fillmore Station: old-fashioned trunks to sit on

In the last two days, I’ve posted about how it takes me an hour to get from Pasadena to Beverly Hills, and then about Wednesday’s car trouble episode. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that today, I decided to take the Metro system to work. And after consulting the MTA website, it started to sound like a better and better idea. I could just take the Gold Line to the Red Line to the Metro Rapid 720 bus down Wilshire, and hop off at Beverly for a quick walk to my office.

Shockingly, everything went exactly as planned. I even managed to get half an hour of work done, reviewing an inch thick stack of materials I was given last night, just in time for my boss to quiz me on it this morning. The trip also only took 1h 25m travel time, from door to door, including the short walks to Fillmore Station in Pasadena, and from the Metro Rapid stop at Beverly and Wilshire. Regular drive time is just about an hour, but I see the extra time as negated by my ability to read and work on the train. And when you add in the gas savings, and the lowered stress levels (I feel much less tired than I usually do from driving in), it definitely works out to a better commute.

I have yet to test the timing going eastbound, but I think that I’ve found the solution to this 310/626 relationship. If the transit works equally well in the opposite direction, I can just leave my car at the office and use Metro to visit the boyfriend in Pasadena. I can work on the train, or read the magazines that I subscribe to, but never seem to have time to get through. I may be one of the few people in L.A. for whom the light rail system works almost perfectly!

2 thoughts on “Long Drive Time + Car Trouble = Metro!”

  1. If they’d build the rest of the system it would be quite glorious. What I’d like to see is a rail line from the airport up La Cienega and then tunneling under the Hollywood Hills to get into the valley. Perhaps terminating at Burbank airport after running under Ventura. That’d dramatically cut down on traffic on La Cienega and Laurel Canyon.

    And of course extending the subway past Western and out to Santa Monica where it can hook up with the extended Expo Line.

    Take the eastern end of the Green Line and head north along the San Gabriel River, then cut east along the 60 and run out to Ontario Airport.

    Add in the planned/under construction stuf (Gold Line extensions, Expo Line) and you’ve got something starting to resemble a world-class rail system.

  2. it’s all about luck, unfortunately – but it seems you lucked out, so good for you. I used the Red Line heavily to visit my girlfriend who lived near H&H when I lived near Pershing Square. Now that I’ve moved, I have only been on the train once.

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