Lipsticky Situations night The Man, the neighbors and I walked down to Sunset Blvd. for some dinner.

We decided to give Dusty’s another try, thinking that perhaps they’d worked out their oversalting problem we’d had with their food the first two times we went there.

I have quite a few gripes with the place but I have trouble arguing with the location, as I’m always keen to walk instead of drive to a nice dinner out. Plus they were able to seat us right away in a spacious booth in the corner.

The main gripe last night went like this. We ordered a bottle of wine. Four glasses were placed on the table, the wine poured for us and then Amy noticed that her glass had lipstick on the rim. Amy’s not one for lipstick (well, no one at the table is) so we knew it was there when it arrived. The waiter came back and Amy pointed it out to him. He returned a moment later with another glass. And then left.

Now I don’t want to sound uppity or anything, but maybe when I go into a restaurant that charges a certain amount per entree I expect a certain level of service. I don’t expect that the patrons are obliged to either waste the glass of wine because it was poured into a dirty glass by the server … or that the patron has to pour the wine from the dirty glass into the clean one, figuring that the only “dirty” part of the glass is the lipsticky part. (And Amy did an expert job of that without any drippage.)

It was a nice idea thinking that there was a good place to have some dinner near the house, but I think I’m giving up on Dusty’s and sticking with Rambutan.

Anyone have any suggestions on how that should have been handled from either side?

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8 thoughts on “Lipsticky Situations”

  1. I’d suggest that your waiter submit his resignation immediately. That’s just plain laziness on his part, because that dirty glass should never have made it to your table to begin with. He should have opened a new bottle to pour out one glass for your friend Amy, even if that meant burning the rest of the bottle. And he shouldn’t have expected her to pour the wine from a dirty glass into a clean one herself. He sure was lucky that you aren’t “uppity” because you had a legitimate complaint about his service. Too bad you didn’t let the management know why you won’t be going back. Thanks for the review though; I’ll stay away from there myself.

  2. While I miss many things about my former life in LA, I don’t miss the service industry types who are snots. While not perfect, in Phoenix, the waiters are waiters – and are generally very good. Your waiter should have apologized and immediately provided a clean glass and fresh wine. Hepatitis is transferred by unclean food and utensils. A wine glass with lipstick is unclean.

  3. I agree with Trae, your server just dropped the ball in too many ways to excuse his actions or lack thereof. Kudos for the level of decorum you maintained.

    I’ve only had one experience at Dusty’s and that was in the morning outside and the meal and service was decent but nothing to engage a return trip (and what’s up with that French thing about garnishing breakfasts with green salads?).

    My main gripe with the place is its decor, specifically its thick layer of mostly-closed plantation shutters in front of unopening plate glass windows that close the place off and make it look like rather unwelcome and inhospitable. I hear it’s nice inside but I’ll never know.

    On the flipside, while I unfortunately didn’t get his name, our waiter at Edendale Grill last week was the bomb; personable, knowledgeable and attentive.

  4. I agree with Trae, too. As a server (and former restaurant manager) myself, I can tell you that guy’s behavior was inexcusable. The thing is, it will only continue if management isn’t made aware of what’s happening. Poor service like that deserves a poor (or no) tip, and an explanation to the manager as to why.

  5. I’m agree with Burns. It’ll keep happening unless they know about it. Take the five minutes to give Dusty’s a call, and explain how the server dropped the ball in the situation. I have to say though, I’m not as appalled as everyone else. As a server myself, lipstick on a glass is about a 4 out of 10 on the scale of gross shit I’ve seen in a kitchen, and happens way more often than even I can control, though I apologize profusely and respond appropriately every time :).

    On another note… “Dusty’s” is a slightly appropriate name, eh? Anybody? *Sigh…*

  6. I guess part my reluctance to call Dusty’s is that it wasn’t my glass. Amy shrugged it off (or if she was bothered by it, she didn’t voice it to the group).

    I was already annoyed that the music was really loud and we had to ask twice to turn it down (so loud the server was having trouble hearing us to take our orders) plus there was a LOOOONNNNG lag in the time when we were seated, brought water and then another lag before our orders were taken. Even on a busy night (it didn’t strike me as that busy) it’s not hard for a waiter to buzz by and say that they’ll be right with us.

    Will – I share your enthusiasm for Edendale. Except for the snooty reception we got from them the first time we ate from there, we’ve never been disappointed. It’s just a smidge too far for walking.

    I’ve had my share of worse situations, including the morning some 11 years ago when we sat at Millie’s on Sunset and watched a cockroach climb up the wall as they prepared the potatoes in the back. (But you know, that might not have been a resident cockroach, he might have wandered in off the street.) I ate my eggs. I’ve worked food service before and know how this stuff goes.

  7. i’ll totally pass on both places. i’ve been to dusty’s twice, and both times, the quality of the food did not justify the price, and the service, well, it kinda sucked. and i’ll take the more authentic mae ploy up the street over rambutan any day. on the plus side, rambutan’s got great decor and is rather romantic.

  8. Sorry for the sidebar but Mae Ploy authentic? Coulda fooled me. Their Tom Kah Gai (the dish within which I measure the authenticity of any Thai place) is the least legit of all I’ve ever had.

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