French Kick Ass. Who knew?


According to the infalable Wikipedia, Savate is:

“also known as boxe fran√ßaise (French boxing) or French kickboxing, is a French martial art which uses both the hands and feet as weapons and contains elements of western boxing, grappling and graceful kicking techniques (only foot kicks are allowed, with no use of the knees or shins).”

And according to, there are people practicing this French Ass Kicking right here in Los Angeles. In fact, there’s a tournament this Sunday in Irvine. Seating is first come first serve and it costs about $10 to get in (suggested donation) but if you like watching people fight, this might be worth checking out. Or if you want to fight, and are bored with all those other martial arts you’ve already mastered, maybe Savate is for you? They even have a blog, er, um Le Blog.

2 thoughts on “French Kick Ass. Who knew?”

  1. Cool story: I had a friend from my art school days in Philadelphia whom I met in a mixed martial arts class. After she graduated, we lost touch. Fast forward eight years, turns out she was teaching Savate at the same gym my best friend goes to here in LA, and they’d known each other for a few years. So my friend took me to the gym, and the reunion was awesome. Sadly, she’s no longer there, and we fell out of touch again.

    Checking out the tournament page you linked to, she (Mary Frances Person) was listed on the April qualifier page under Demo Bouts and Judges/Referees. She was on the U.S. National Team before too. Anyway, that’s my sorta-Savate-related story.

  2. Follow-up: I decided to drive down to Irvine and track her down. We had a wonderful re-reunion. And today (er, yesterday, Sunday that is) was my birthday too, so it was like a serendipitous accidental birthday present from Thanks!

    Hopefully his time she and I won’t fall out of touch for another two years. :D

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