Johnny Ryan/Tony Millionaire Cage Match at Meltdown!

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Tony Millionaire & Johnny Ryan
signing Billy Hazelnuts & Comic Book Holocaust
Saturday, July 1, 4-6pm

7522 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90046
PH: 323-851-7223

Tony Millionaire’s MAAKIES is one of the most popular weekly comic
strips in America, running nearly a dozen U.S. newsweeklies, including
The Village Voice, LA Weekly, and Seattle’s The Stranger. MAAKIES
features the comical adventures of a drunken crow on the high seas,
blending vaudeville-style humor and a breathtaking line that harkens
back to the glory days of the American comic strip.

BILLY HAZELNUTS is Millionaire’s first original graphic novel for
Fantagraphics. Billy Hazelnuts transmutes nursery rhymes and the golem
myth into a storybook fusing the darker spirit of older fairy tales with
an absurdist adventure story, throwing gender politics into the mix, and
bringing it to life with his dementedly charming and meticulous drawing

‘Tony Millionaire is worth a thousand Tony Thousandaires.’ Conan O’Brien

Johnny Ryan‚Äös ANGRY YOUTH COMIX is the current heavyweight champ in the
proud tradition of lowbrow humor cartooning. Ryan’s utterly
unpretentious taboo-tackling is an infectious and hilarious bombardment
of political incorrectness, taking full advantage of the medium’s
absurdist potential for maximum laughs.

THE COMIC BOOK HOLOCAUST, Johnny Ryan’s collection of satirical comic
book parodies published by Buenaventura Press, recently debuted at NYC’s
MOCCA festival (where it sold out in one day). CBH collects Ryan’s
self-published limited edition mini-comics Funny Pages, Marvel Super
Pages, and the previous editions of Comic Book Holocaust, all of which
are long out of print. Includes 22 previously unpublished strips!

‘I think his comics are a riot! Highly recommended.’ Daniel Clowes

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