Giant Squid Diving – AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!


I am obsessed with sharks and by obsessed, I mean completely and totally obsessed. Which is the reason why I subscribe to the Shark Diver Newsletter so that I can dreamily stare at the images of the humongous Great Whites that you can dive with while staying on a pretty tricked out boat. (I wrote about this on last July). My family is appalled by this, as if it would be better to fly a plane or go sky-dive or something, and my father says I can’t go diving with sharks until after he dies but I say I can’t go until I have enough money to make it possible! Anyway, I got my email today which had a surprisingly delightful mention of another favorite sea creatrue – the GIANT SQUID! I mean, who doesn’t love the Giant Squid whose mystery is only exceeded by its power?

From the email:

Outside Magazine is featuring Giant Squid diving in this months issue on store shelves now. We’ll be at this weekends dive show in Long Beach with some Giant Squid armor and videos of these amazing encounters. Yes it’s a clear departure from shark diving but it’s also an amazing adventure with Scott Cassel and the boys in Baja.

You can learn more about the squid diving in Mexico on Shark Divers site and see the Shark Diver folk at the Long Beach Sea Festival that takes place both this weekend through July.

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  1. i think those are humboldt squids, not the giant squid. giant squids live in deep sea environments, which, i would imagine, make diving with them rather difficult. this expedition looks really dangerous!

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