Design your own Qee


Hello Kitty was probably the first Asian character I remember. I didn’t fall in love with the friendly pink kitten as a young girl. However as I’ve matured into a 15 year old boy at heart, I’ve become a huge fan of other plastic mini-characters. I was super excited when I found Giant Robot on Sawtelle and made it a regular stop, picking up Dunny’s and take your chance which character boxes. One of these characters that has become popular is called a Qee. I’ve seen some one of a kind customized Qee at GR. And now, Giant Robot and Toy2r (the company that makes Qee) has announced a contest to express yourself and create your own Qee design.

IMPRINT, the first urban youth conference featuring Asian pop culture, wants to invite you to participate this DIY (DO-It-Yourself) Qee program and make your own statement. If you consider yourself inspired of influenced by the Asian youth culture, and are a non-professional artist living in California between the ages of 18-25 years old, now is your chance to show your unique creativity.

Full contest details with entry form can be found here. There will be 60 finalists that will manifest their design and two winners will be chosen and announced at the IMPRINT summit on July 26.

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