Spaceland Tonight. Is it the 60’s? No, but it’s awesome.


I can never tell if writing about a show the day it’s going to happen is right on time or way to late to be telling people about it. Regardless, here I am, yellin about a rock show going on tonight. Of course, I’m sadder and sadder the more I listen to each band on the bill that I won’t be attending (though, happier and happier the more I read about the RES screening I’ll be attending.) Anyway, if you’re in the Silver Lake area tonight or looking for a few good rock songs it looks like Spaceland might be the place to be. Tonight seems to be pointed firmly toward the 60’s with random other influential bits thrown in as well. The lineup runs like this:
Rocking Horse People(Psychedelic LA rockers)
Parson Redheads (60’s Indie-pop. You remember the first time I saw them right?)
Spindrift (A fuzzy psych-soaked Western)
The Happy Hollows (A bit of the indie-pop a bit of the yellin and a bit of the rockin’, though I’ve never seen this band, I want to.)

Okay, so somebody go and tell me how good this stuff is. I’m sorry to be missing it.

One thought on “Spaceland Tonight. Is it the 60’s? No, but it’s awesome.”

  1. I can’t make it, but God, Spindrift is one of the best bands to hit LA since…um…since a long time. They’re really fantastic. We put them on our cover. They are worth the hype.

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