Massive Guide to Vegan Dining in LA!

Holy Crap!! I just stumbled across Miki’s Guide to Vegan Dining in LA and this might be the most comprehensive list of vegan restaurants in LA (and surrounding areas). I’ve only even heard about about a 3rd of these places, but I can’t think of anything that isn’t on this list. Like, really, there’s almost 75 places listed here. Cripes! Time to start making the rounds…

Update: In the comments Frank points out which has checked out some of these places and notes that not all are as vegan as they claim to be:

The “Vegan” chains we refer to are any restaurant in LA that have the word vegan in their title (e.g. Truly Vegan, Vegan Express, California Vegan). They are mostly all owned by one family and all have very similar, if not identical menus.

To the point: Vegan Express and Hollywood Vegan are serving food which IS NOT VEGAN and California Vegan would not reveal their ingredients and were extremely sketchy and even took a photo of the members.

At each one of these restaurants the staff revealed ingredient lists which showed whey in several items, and California Vegan all but refused polite requests to know what was in the food they were serving. In response to being shown that they serve items with whey in them, Hollywood Vegan’s response was “it doesn’t matter it’s only a little bit of dairy.”

Update 2: I’m looking into this myself, updates here.

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  1. Nice job!

    I’m not how strict you are, but in case you’re interested, I recently came across this site which exposes certain vegan restaurants in LA as not being completely vegan:

  2. I always think it’s interesting when someone asks how strict of a vegan I am, because as I see it there’s not an option. You are either vegan or you aren’t, you can’t be “sort of” vegan. That said, I’m definitely interested in anything claiming to be vegan that isn’t, and will update the post with this info, thanks!

  3. Wait, where’s my first post? Anyway, I don’t think asking how “strict” you are is an out of line or incorrect question. It all depends on your definition of vegan. That’s all I meant. Again, more info in the link above.

  4. Hey Frank-

    I’d perfer not to get into a huge debate about what veganism is or isn’t, or why people choose to be vegan. The definition of vegan that is most widely accepted, and quoted here from is:

    “Q. What is a vegan?

    A. By definition, a vegan (most commonly pronounced VEE-gun) is a person who does not eat animal products, including meat, fish, seafood, eggs, and dairy.”

    Above and beyond that some people tend to project their reasons for being vegan on to others which isn’t the point. Because I choose not to eat animal products for moral reasons dosen’t mean everyone else agrees with me, or shares my reasoning. Either you eat animal products or you don’t. It’s like some people who claim they are vegitarian but they eat fish and chicken – well then they aren’t vegitarian.

    By definition someone can be vegan and eat white sugar or wear leather shoes since veganism is specifically eating or not eating animal products. Depending on their reasoning for being vegan some people might expand on that to other areas of their life, but that doesn’t change the definiton of veganism. While I don’t wear leather for moral reasons, I know people who are vegan for health reasons and wearing leather has no impact on that.

    The sugar thing is a huge ongoing debate, but doesn’t play into veganism proper. “Use of animal products in production of” is different than “eating animal products” and a different topic all together.

    That said, a place serving food claiming it’s vegan while having Whey in it is most certainly NOT vegan, and definitely something that should be looked into. Thanks a ton for pointing that out.

  5. I just ate abig plate of ribs for lunch, so i lay no claim to being vegan, but i’ve been eating at vegan glory over on beverly lately and that stuff is great. i still think it is disconcerting to order a “chicken wrap” at a vegan place, even if i know there’s no chicken in it. shouldn’t it be a “kind-of-like-chicken wrap” or something?

  6. No argument from me, Sean. I not judging anyone for eating sugar or not. I just wanted to make a post to follow up on the very informative article/link that you posted.

    I am not looking to get into a debate with anyone. You said that people are either vegan or not and I wanted to point out that there seem to be variables in the definition.

    That’s all. I wasn’t trying to get in anyone’s face, especially since I don’t have a particular view from either side of it.

  7. I’d like to know how some one eating in Los Angeles

    eats in Louisiana at the same time?

    Only Santa Claus is cabaple of this magic!


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