LA Times censors newsroom Internet feed

I’m running out the door to catch an IAAL*MAF meeting but just say Cory’s BB post
LA Times censors newsroom Internet feed” and wanted to point it out here before I left. He writes:

“Peacefire, an anti-censorware site, says that journalists at the LA Times have told them that the LA Times has begun to censor the Internet feed in its newsroom. LA Observed says that the Times told them it uses Websense to restrict reporters’ access to the Internet, and that is blocked in the newsroom, along with many other sites.

This is the first example I’ve heard of a Western newspaper censoring its reporters’ Internet feeds. The companies that sell censorware services deliver a notoriously biased and Orwellian system. For example, sites like Peacefire and Boing Boing, which report on the bad judgement in these services and expose their technical failings, are classed as “proxy avoidance.”

There’s more on BoingBoing but I’d just like to say for the record that filtering software companies are scum, and companies that support them aren’t much better. (Here’s a guide to get around this stuff)

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  1. The Los Angeles Times newsroom is not the only Tribune site blocking many web sites and blogs. At the Times Olympic printing facility, Alameda and 8th Street, we can get a quick view of blocked sites, then the familiar “Server not found” screen appears.


  2. I wonder if bloggers should retaliate by not just cancelling subscriptions, but refraining from linking to LA Times articles and choosing alternative sources? Google News usually offers great alternates to almost any story the Times covers.

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