I need bigger luggage

I think it might be true that cheap gas makes me wasteful.


I’ve rented a car out of the Pittsburgh, PA airport twice in two weeks and both times I’ve opted for the “prepaid gas” option. How could I not … it was $2.70 a gallon! I thought that was a deal! (And they thought I was crazy.)

Of course this does one of two things. It causes me to drive more so that I bring back the car on fumes … bad for the environment.

Or it prompts me to bring it back with gas in it, in which case the rental company makes money … not really bad for anyone, but it makes me a bit stupid for being so lazy as to not want to get gas before returning it.

Really, what’s worse is that they kept upgrading me, which means instead of a tiny gas tank like I’m used to (12 gallons), these huge land-yachts they bump you up to have 20 gallon tanks. That’s a big prepayment.

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  1. You do know that car rental companies show the price without federal and state taxes, not the price marked on a gas pump?

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