Whirly-Birds Galore

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2006/06/lafdchopper-thumb.jpgWhile we could debate endlessly whether Blue Thunder or Airwolf would win in an air duel, some of the coolest real world helicopters are the Bell 412s being used by the Los Angeles Fire Department. These choppers are built for lowering safety personell into danger zones and hoisting rescuee’s back up, as well as being able to drop water close to fire hot spots.

Brian Humphrey at the LAFD Blog tells us that these helicopters, plus a ton of other “public safety and public service helicopters” will be on hand at the “Celebration of Heroes” Air Show next Saturday in Lakeview Terrace.

In addition to the air show, other events being held at the same location include the “First Promise” Family Preparedness Fair (“products, services and information to help families and communities prepare for, respond to and recover from natural disasters and emergencies”), the “Rollin’ to the Rescue” Vehicle Show (“displays of vintage fire, police and emergency service vehicles”), and the “Code 3” Career Fair(“information on training opportunities, current openings and entrance requirements” for careers in “community service, law enforcement and the military”).

And its all FREE… except for helicopter rides that are being offered for a nominal charge – such a tease.

Pictures from last year’s event shows attendees being able to sit inside working helicopters, grab hold of mounted machine guns on a military chopper, and also stand close enough to arriving and departing helicopters to have their toupees blown off. What better way to spend a day with the kids or find an exciting job?

Celebration of Heroes Air Show
Saturday June 24th, 9am – 4pm
Hansen Dam Recreation Complex
Lake View Terrace Osborne / Foothill Ave. @ the 210 Freeway
Admission: FREE!

By the way, who would win in an aerial battle – Blue Thunder, Airwolf, or possibly another fabled helicopter?

(picture from the LAFD via Flickr)

2 thoughts on “Whirly-Birds Galore”

  1. the LAFD were running some drills in sullivan canyon this morning ( I think they where drills). They were hovering 50-60 above the trail, and the rotor wash made it damn near impossible to stay on my bike. It was pretty freakin cool. And I forgot my camera.

  2. a) Airwolf. No question

    b) I saw lots of cool helicopters flying over Atwater yesterday, aside from the normal news and cop-choppers I also saw an orbiting MD-500 (with the whole NOTAR setup. . .oh so quiet!) and a UH-60. Oh, the fun never stops in Atwater.

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