Huntington Garden Friday my husband and I took my mother to The Huntington. Since it was close to 100° and we had an infant with us, we chose one garden to explore – the succulents.

It was stunning. There were cactuses taller than any of us, cactuses smaller than my hand, cactuses with babies growing right on them…

And the colors! More shades of green than you can imagine, with plenty of reds and browns for good measure.

After walking around a bit, we headed through the rose gardens to the tea room (reservation required) and had a lovely meal of tiny sandwiches, cheeses, scones, fruit, and pastries. We flaunted tradition by ordering our tea iced.

A peek at the herb garden and then we headed home. A wonderful afternoon. More than I could pay on a regular basis, but not bad – $15 per person to enter the grounds ($100 will get you a year’s membership with unlimited visits) and $20 per person for tea.

More photos under the cut.

succulants2.jpg succulants6.jpg succulants3.jpg succulants4.jpg succulants5.jpg succulants7.jpg actualsize.jpg

One thought on “Huntington Garden”

  1. Ha. We were there a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been meaning to write about it. Your post is much better than mine would’ve been. ;) The Japanese garden was my favorite, but like you we were there on an incredibly hot day and cut our visit a little short.

    Also, thought I’d mention that it’s worth checking in at the Tea Room even if you don’t have reservations. Sometimes (as with us) they have space. Doesn’t always work, but worth a shot.

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