Giant Drag At Silverlake Lounge…


(Photo by Stan Chronick.)

Just saw a bulletin from the L.A.-based Giant Drag (MySpace) announcing a last-minute show at the Silverlake Lounge this Tuesday at 8:00 PM before they begin their European tour (talk about going full circle):

this is all so sudden. maybe we should take things slow and..oh…nevermind, lets do it. drop trou!
we are playing this Tuesday, June 20th, at the place where it all began-The Silverlake Lounge! we are getting old school up in this bitch and going back to the way things used to be in the old, simpler days. shit, my bank account even looks the same as it did back then-empty! maybe you guys can help change that. i’m thinking about some fundraising ideas. a raffle for some uk rarities perhaps? i don’t know yet.
i know you are all surprised and thinking to yourself “you are broke? how is that possible? you guys work your buttholes off and are constantly on tour!”…to you i say “stay IN school and OUT of the recording industry!” unless you enjoy working hard while other people who don’t make shloads of money. oh well, papa roach put it best when they said “life’s not fair!!!”. but we must not dwell on the fact that i cannot pay rent and micah is homeless(which in turn has left us without a practice space, so don’t expect us to be well-rehearsed!), we must take action. action! let’s get intimate babies.

…then we fly away to europe to play all sorts of festivals and stuff, so come and get it while you can. make us an offer we can’t refuse and maybe you can make sex to one of us. we’re desperate, get used to it.
giant drag
fuck that fourth wall, right?

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