Saturday Morning Cartoon: “The Immigration Debate” from Current.TV

currenttv.jpgAl Gore’s CurrentTV sounds like a recipe for disaster. The channel’s core is content made, submitted, and chosen by its users via internet democracy…

Anyone who wants to contribute can upload a video. Then, everyone in the Current online community votes for what should be on TV. You can join in at either stage — watch & vote or create & upload.

The surprise is that much of the product is pretty damn good – maybe this is because it draws a slightly more sophisticated audience than, say, You Tube or MySpace.

Case in point is the following cartoon made for Current TV about the Great Immigration Debate… of 1621.

So pour yourself a bowl of cereal (save the prize for me) and get ready for the video after the jump.

(ironically, they’re hosting some of their videos on You Tube)