Councilman LaBonge Fights Against Your Right to Parrrrr-ty

wenches.jpgCouncilman Tom LaBonge has introduced a motion to restrict the number of house parties in the Hollywood Hills and other “Mountain Fire District Areas” to combat the traffic problems some of these events cause, impairing firetrucks and other emergency vehicles from moving freely through nearby roads.

“We have numerous examples of abusive party planners whose sole purpose is to maintain a residence for the express purpose of renting it out to make money,” said Councilmember Tom LaBonge. “It is one thing to host a social function, it’s quite another when that function overwhelms the street with cars, noise and crowds.”

LaBonge hopes that this action will frighten encourage “party planners” to arrange for shuttle service and off site parking.

(photo from Jessica World via Flickr… FYI, if you want to feel trashed while sitting at your computer just search the terms “Hollywood Hills Party” in Flickr)

2 thoughts on “Councilman LaBonge Fights Against Your Right to Parrrrr-ty”

  1. If these are commercial ventures, where people are making money, I wouldn’t have a problem with the restrictions. But aren’t there already ordinances which regulate what kind of, and how, businesses can operate in a residential neighborhood? My immediate concern would be the blue-hairs who don’t like the twenty-somethings up the block having a good time on a Friday night, so they call the cops.

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