Bird Is The Word

From the kitchen, my wife Susan was sharp-eyed in seeing a flash of big something across the backyard this afternoon and upon further examination we were treated to an extended visit by a thoroughly unruffled raptor (my guess is it’s a juvenile red-shouldered hawk) who came in for a landing on a tree branch and had no trouble with us pointing cameras and binoculars at it.

Only later did we find the reason it wasn’t in any hurry or disturbed by our intrusive presence. It turned out we were between it and an explosion of feather and gore that was its kill, which it must’ve dropped on the grass when Susan first saw it cruise into view. Click the image to biggify or here for more pix of the gorgeous predator and what’s left of its prey.

One thought on “Bird Is The Word”

  1. We have a red tailed hawk that likes to perch on a telephone pole at the end of our driveway. My wife filmed it and I used that to create a logo for our fledgling film production company. If you’d like to see it please go to : and check it out. p.s. We live in Echo Park.

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