Logical Progression of Things


After getting back on my bike, finding a good shop to fix it up, and finding folks to ride with, the next logical step was to form a bike gang. Tonight the streets of downtown LA were filled with the terror that was wrought by the first meeting of the IAAL/MAF. If not the streets, at least one Metro truck that honked at us and suffered taunting at the hands of Will Campbell. Founding member Michael Baffico and Johnny-Come-Lately Eric Richardson rounded out the mobile assault force. Ever the documentarian, Will took lots of photos to proove it actually happened. Viva la revolution!

4 thoughts on “Logical Progression of Things”

  1. Actually, it’s not so much your ass, as kind of your midsection. But that’s a sure sign it’s the fisheye.

    I’d love to join but as I told Will, I was attacked by a vicious bike as a child, kicked in the head by a pedal, thoroughly trampled, and was never quite right afterwards.

    I have a buddy in Black Label–he’s been looking for a few good men (or women) to start an LA chapter. Shall I refer him to you? ;)

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