Dragon Boat Challenge!

Last week, LA City Nerd challenged us to race the dragon boats, and reminded us that we had wistfully mentioned a blogging.la team last year.

Well, City Nerd, we accept your challenge! I looked up the details on the application and called the Heritage Asian Pacific representative for more information, and found out that the event organizers supply the boat AND the drums. All we need to do is pay the registration fee and find eight people for a team. And since blogging.la has agreed to pay the registration for the team, that just leaves me to find enough blogging.la readers to fill the boat.

So here’s the deal: I have space for two more people, plus two alternates. Practice is on the morning of Saturday the 24th, and the races themselves will be on Saturday, July 8th or Sunday, July 9th (we can request a timeframe and date that works for everyone). This isn’t something that requires a lot of athletic ability, but it will help if you can paddle a canoe, and swim, just in case. Interested readers (including other bloggers) should email me, Jillian, at canadiangirlinlosangeles (at) gmail (dot) com.

Yay! Boat racing! And not the drinking game kind!