Bring out your dead – again!


Yep, every few weeks I complete the Grocery Cycle, meaning I clear all the dead food out of the refrigerator. Note the expiration on the eggs, and remember that today is the 14th of June. JUNE!

And this is only one of two bags to go.

Seems like there are only ever two kinds of food in the house: frozen or rotten. So which do you want?

2 thoughts on “Bring out your dead – again!”

  1. I think I have you beat … I think there are some eggs in my fridge from Thanksgiving.

    You know if you keep the long enough the water evaporates through the shell and the yolk turns solid and rattles around. Yup!

  2. what a coincidence…we just did that to our freezer yesterday. i think we had 7 half eaten baguettes in there. we’re moving toward canned food now and shopping daily at the multiple farmer’s markets around. good luck.

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