Tony Pierce Joins LAist

29686_L.jpgYou may have noticed already or heard about this last week, but as of this morning Tony Pierce is the new editor of LAist. We know that there has been some rocky history between the two sites but that doesn’t diminish Tony’s incredible skill as a writer (sans shift key on the busblog or with it on LAist), or his countless contributions to the blogosphere beyond our little corner here in Los Angeles, and it doesn’t make us any less happy for him, or diminish our fandom. Congratulations to Tony and LAist from; may this be a wonderful relationship for you both. See you on the 30th!

PS – While Tony has replaced Carolyn on the LAist staff page as editor, Jason Tooney is still listed there as editor-at-large, even though he reported last week on his own bad ass blog, Negro Please, that he full on quit retired.

UPDATE: Trying to access LAist currently gives us this. We’re assuming this isn’t a redesign element to celebrate Tony’s first day and suspect things will be back to normal over there before too long.

UPDATE 2: Nevermind, it’s back.

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