Silent Movie Theatre under new management’ve never attended an event or screening at the Silent Movie Theatre other than my own wedding. It was an…interesting experience. It was also the most gorgeous wedding ever. That theatre is really something.

Anyway, I was surprised earlier to read that the theatre is putting on a musical show tonight, but less so when my friend Cory (who also got married there) sent me this LA Times article. It seems that owner Charlie Lustman is selling the theatre to brothers Dan and Sammy Harkham, who intend to bring in a wider variety of entertainment, including more modern films. But the silents aren’t going anywhere, and in fact will be playing more frequently – every Monday night is the projected plan.

5 thoughts on “Silent Movie Theatre under new management”

  1. You are the 4th person I have run into that had a wedding at the Silent Movie Theater. I am getting married there June 24th — not long before the sale. For some reason it seems bittersweet now.

    I had seen silents in the theater while Austin managed the theater and was shocked by his death. I remember the hoopla surrounding the fate of the theater afterwards and was relieved when I heard about Lustman buying and restoring it. Thet historic relevance of this tiny theater in a town dedicated to film is beyond sentimental.

    I love the Silent Movie Theater and hope to see it continue on in some capacity. But then, you can’t stop ‘progress.’

  2. I’m ashamed that I’ve only been the Silent once… for the Ditty Bops Christmas show.
    I hope the new owner will be able to make the theatre more successful without sacrificing its Silent focus.

  3. i think its good that it is being sold. its a nice theatre and ive been there twice for silent movies but the current owner didnt show many movies and just used it to rent out for parties. i think he schedule was one weekend a month and if you missed that you had to wait until next month which is wack. so i hope the new owners actually show move movies which if you read the la times article they seem like the will. i think its a good change

  4. I do think the sale’s a positive thing if it keeps the spirit of the place alive. Obviously, it’s tough to keep such a theatre going showing only silent films (considering they’re a pretty finite resource).

    As long as it stays a film house instead of getting razed to make way for a parking garage or car dealership, I’d say it’s progress in the right direction. I think Charlie Lustman is a great showman and his influence there will be missed, but if new owners are able to keep the good movies rolling on a more regular basis than he’s been able, we’ll see The Silent Movie Theatre (or whatever it may be called in the future) prosper.

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