Time for another party!

322.gifAnd by party I mean sitting around at The Farmers Market (on 3rd and Fairfax) with food and drinks and stuff! We’re already a month or two late from last year but his will be the 3rd annual LA bloggers and blog readers get together thingy. Here’s the report from the last one and they always seem to be a blast. So here you go – if you live in or around LA, write a blog, or read blogs, you are invited. Friday, June 30th, from 6PM till closing! We’ll be near the south west corner in between Loteria! Grill, that awesome lemonade place and Starbucks (check the map on the right) and if you don’t know where 3rd and Fairfax is check this. Either way, we hope everyone can make it, and blogging.la will be buying tons of beer and lemonade for everyone. The first few pitchers anyway. See you there!

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