NuArt being remodeled

The NuArt is my favorite movie theatre in LA. It used be a short 15 minutes from my house and I’d grab some ramen on Sawtelle before catching some foreign or independent flick or waiting in line for a midnight offering. But that option is moot for the next month. The NuArt is taking the month of June off. It’s getting remodeled.

They plan to put in new seats, an expanded concession stand and new bathrooms. I hope they keep the ticket booth outside and red carpeting. It’s supposed to reopen on the 30th. In the meantime, if you’re looking for the Midnight Rocky Horror fix, you’ll have to go to the NuWilshire instead.

2 thoughts on “NuArt being remodeled”

  1. Thanks so much for the update – I drove past there the other day and my heart sank as I thought they were closed permanently. I even shouted NOW WHERE I SEE WEIRD MATTHEW BARNEY FILMS! to no one in particular.

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