Faux-Germs going on tour

0011.jpgAnyone with any musical taste knows that The Germs were one of the best punk bands to come out of LA, and possibly to have ever existed. Richie Dagger’s Crime is certainly on the list of songs that will be stuck in my head for all eternity. It makes sense that there would be movie about them because they really did rock that hard, and I’ll be the first to admit that Shane West sure looked a lot like (now dead signer) Darby Crash in that role for the film, but that’s an important thing to note – HE’S PLAYING A ROLE FOR A FILM. Apparently Pat, Lorna and Don missed this fact because they are going on tour as the Germs with Shane singing. Yes I know they did a few shows in LA like that but I’d hoped that was just a lapse in judgement, actually going on tour, or rather going on the Warped Tour? Christ… I’m sure Darby is rolling over in his grave.

July 4- Warped Tour, “Cellular” Pavilion, Phoenix
July 6 – Warped Tour, “Beer” Amphitheatre, Chula Vista, Calif.
July 7 – Warped Tour, Los Angeles County Fair Grounds, Pomona, Calif.
July 25 – Magic Stick, Detroit
July 26 – Double Door, Chicago
July 27 – Beat Kitchen, Chicago
July 29 – BB King’s, New York
July 30 – Axis, Boson
Aug. 1 – Le Showcase, Montreal
Aug. 2 – Reverb Toronto
Aug. 5 – Black Cat Washington

2 thoughts on “Faux-Germs going on tour”

  1. Kinda sad, isn’t it? The Germs was the one great L.A. band that I never saw. During the Masque days I was too wet behind the ears. By the time they played their last Starwood show, I was too jaded and thought “Oh, I’ll just see them the next time”.

    And though I followed the music of the survivors for some time (Ask me sometime about Vox Pop at the Cathay de Grande), the thought of them regrouping now is just sad.

    Maybe, just maybe this new lineup will rock just as hard. But somehow I find that very difficult to believe.

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