Vamos al Mundial!

redteam.jpg My roommate hates sports, but for the last few weeks, she’s been walking around the apartment saying “Vamos al Mundial!” in a cheery voice. The Mexican in her and influence by her dad has her as excited as other f√∫tbol lovers.

Like hundreds of millions (most likely billions) of people around the world, my roommate and I have World Cup fever. However, I’m sure our enthusiasm pales in comparison with other f√∫tbol fans such as Alejandro (¬© Citizen 192‚Ñ¢). Alejandro has blocked off every morning for the next month in order to follow the matches. He’s keeping a running diary of each day of the game and writes after the opening ceremony:

It’s a wonderful day in sport. Today the world unites to indulge in a sport that goes beyond sports; seducing and romanticizing the spirit and imagination of people from all walks of earth. Today we can imagine that everything will be solved on the pitch. When the world becomes desperate for unity and a break from destruction, futbol allows for a mystical world to expose itself on the pitch; evenly matched by sport, without borders or boundaries, guns or bombs. Every four years the world makes this game, more than a game. Today the globe is united under one roof, one goal, one dream.

One sport: 119 nations down to 32 finalists: 64 matches: 30 days: One Champion.

I love this game.

I’ll be watching Mexico’s matches with friends or at home on Univisi√≥n, but LAist suggests several sports bars.

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