LA Blog Squatting

This morning Franklin Avenue points out some L.A. Blog Road Kill, that is, a ton of LA neighborhood blog names on Blogspot that have been claimed and then ignored putting them out of reach of anyone who might actually want to do something cool with them:

The blogosphere is littered with them: Blogs that went nowhere, or never even got off the ground. In the world of Blogger/Blogspot, that’s especially the case with blogs that managed to snag the place names of Los Angeles neighborhoods first…

Try any Southern California neighborhood or city. They were all claimed on Blogger/Blogspot a long time ago… but they all remain empty, or have been dormant for years. Check out,,,,,… you get the idea. Perhaps Blogger should figure out what to do about domain squatting.

7 thoughts on “LA Blog Squatting”

  1. Sometimes I’ll blogsquat and go into the comment page and lay down a couple of paragraphs or 2.

    Lot of people buy domain names ie: http://www.xmen4movie hoping someone else will buy it later. So ridiculous.

  2. You can write the blogger folk and ask them to transfer the names you you. I did that with both my pacifist and personal blogs, which were already taken, but unused. I was kinda surprised, and quite pleased that I was able to “activate” these blogs. I suspect the same can be done with these neighborhood blogs if they really are going unused.

  3. DB- How did you do it? I tried the same with a blog name on Blogspot that was already taken and they downright refused both times that I asked, even though the site hasn’t been touched in 4 years, consists of one 2-sentence entry and actually violates the TOS (threatening language and such).

  4. p.s. This is the second email I got from them. I took it as a “don’t bug us anymore about this” message:

    Unfortunately, we cannot reassign blog addresses, even if a blog appears to be abandoned. Please see Blogger Help for details:

    Blogger Support”

  5. Well, I just called up the NSA to have them retrieve my old email, and here’s what they found:

    It seems I simply sent a message to Blogger Support (I think via their web form) back around June of 2004. I pointed out the two unused blogs and mentioned that it was a especially a pity that pacifist wasn’t being used, given all the pro-war crap going on.

    A guy identified only as “Steve” from Blogger Support wrote me back (I recall it was later that same night) to say the subdomains had been freed up and I should retry registering them. I did, and got them!

    I don’t know if they had a different policy back then, or if my G-List celebrity (as in, “Gee, how’d I get invited?”) had a hand. As I said, I was actually quite surprised that it happened so easily.

    I should mention that the two blogs I got weren’t so much abandoned, as they were unused from the start, so it wasn’t like I was taking over something that had already gotten started.

    In any case, good luck.

  6. My contact with Blogger support was in Jan ’06, so my guess is the policies have changed. The site I wanted was used “as a test,” sadly (sadly because I think “hungrymonkey” would be such an awesome name for a food blog!). I have to say though, the pity of “pacifist” not being used vs. “hungrymonkey” really isn’t much of a comparison…

    Thanks for the info though, maybe I’ll try again!

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