David Yow is djing @ Vine Bar tomorrow

david_yow.jpgDavid Yow will be the guest dj tomorrow night (Saturday June 10th, 2006) from 10pm til 2am for my weekly stint at The Vine Bar in Hollywood. David used to sing/yelp/flail in The Jesus Lizard, and before that he did the same in Scratch Acid (who are reuniting for Touch & Go’s 25th anniversary party along with Big Black and others, click here for more info). So if you like cheap drinks, rock n’ roll & good peoples, don’t blow it…. come by. 1235 N Vine St Hollywood, CA 90038 Cross Street: La Mirada Ave.


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  1. travis,
    totally off the subject but i just read about british fans throwing bottles of piss at axl’s new band during their set at donnington recently.

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