That Line For The Raconteurs…


Just drove past Amoeba Records on Sunset (speaking of which, why is it that W. Sunset Blvd. actually east of Sunset Blvd. and not west?) on the way to work, and as expected, the line for The Raconteurs (MySpace) free show (it’s Losanjealousconcert pick of the week) at 11:00 AM (they’re performing another free show at the San Francisco store tonight at 9:30 PM) goes from the store entrance and extends south down Ivar and *way* past the store.

Bottom line is if you’re not already in line for have a friend holding a spot for you, you’re SOL:

Thursday – June 8th – 11am

“garage-rock cut with incisive pop hooks.” – New York Times

Jack Lawrence, Patrick Keeler, Jack White and Brendan Benson visit Amoeba for a special morning performance!! Their new album “Broken Boy Soldiers” is out now on V2 Records!

See them @ The Henry Fonda Music Box Theater in Hollywood on June 7th

(no photos or video during the in-store)

2 thoughts on “That Line For The Raconteurs…”

  1. As I was walking back from the gym this morning at 7am there were a few people already in line.

  2. I’m guessing it’s W Sunset because it was originally much shorter, and that the W. wasn’t removed when Sunset was extended all the way to the ocean.

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