Crazy Shit Going on in Silver Lake

This is an email I just got from a member of the Board of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council:

Dear Neighbors:

A local Silver Lake woman and business owner was mugged last night for $2.00 on Berkeley St. just feet from Silver Lake Blvd.

Her attacker grabbed her from behind by the throat as
she was going to the mailbox. He made her dump out her purse.
Since he didn’t take her credit cards or cell phone, the police believe he is a drug addict but said that there have been other incidents like this in our neighborhood lately. This woman wasn’t able to see her attacker, but said she thought he appeared to be white. He seemed very deranged to her as well. Thankfully, other than a few minor bruises she is OK.

I’m sending out a warning and asking you to be careful, look behind you, check out your surroundings – even in your own neighborhood. Please spread the news so other neighbors can be on the lookout. Remember, if you see anyone behaving suspiciously, call the police.

2 thoughts on “Crazy Shit Going on in Silver Lake”

  1. My mom was attacked by a mugger around the Los Feliz/Silver Lake area not to long ago. She was getting her oil changed at an auto shop, and decided to walk over to a Starbucks for some coffee as she waited. She was walking down a main street (I think it was Hollywood Blvd) during the daytime, and was suddenly pushed from behind by a man who attempted to grab her purse. My mom, who always holds her purse close to her body, ended up falling to the ground on top of her purse. The mugger lifted his foot as if he was about to stomp on my poor mother, but was stopped when a small hispanic woman, who worked at a body shop across the street, saw the whole thing happening and charged the guy with a crowbar. The guy freaked out and ran away empty handed. My mom was ok minus some scratched palms and bruised knees. Suffice to say, she was pretty freaked out that this happened during broad daylight.

    In my opinion, the guys was off his tweak induced high, and was desperatly trying to get his hand on some money.

    I’m just thankful for that woman who saved my mom from possibly getting hurt seriously.

  2. Crazy shit? Nah, this is LA.

    That element has been here since the city has been settled.

    I’d say its run of the mill for a big city.

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