Bizarre Street Closure

My typically long drive back home in Silver Lake from the gallery in Culver City was a-typically longer this evening around 6:30pm. I noticed more traffic build up on Hauser just south of Wilshire and then as I scooted my way through the streets up to Beverly I noticed that La Brea was closed off between 1st Street and about a block about Beverly with two blocks of side-streets to the west being closed. Police with flares were on the main streets with citizens on the side blocks around caution tape.

Any idea what went down?

3 thoughts on “Bizarre Street Closure”

  1. Traffic did seem heavier than usual for me heading home from the Miracle Mile area, perhaps for that reason. I personally noticed some activity with emergency vehicles on Beverly east of Rossmore but didn’t really get a chance to see what was happening.

  2. Dunno nuttin, but 8 million assholes were detoured down Sycamore Av by my balcony. Maybe some kindo of Yidlock?


  3. I live in the area, and a cop said there was a “suspicious package” somewhere around the intersection of Beverly and La Brea. Shut down the streets around there for about an hour and a half. Nice that the local newsies are all over it, not.

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