McSweeney’s Explains It All

It’s about time that some of the cool goings-on that McSweeney’s has put together get brought to Los Angeles. Sure, there’s an L.A. branch of 826, but it’s no Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. If you’re into that whole smart, funny literary thing, then you’ll probably enjoy McSweeney’s Presents: The World, Explained, an 826 fundraiser happening Saturday at Barnsdall Art Park:

You may be curious about the intricacies of light-weight sumo wrestling. You probably want to know more about the deeper meaning of our nation’s discarded trash. Perhaps you are in need of a PowerPoint-based instruction manual for therapy. And why not learn more about astrological advice for presidential campaigns? We are well aware of your interests, and thus have compiled another installation of The World, Explained — an evening of readings, comedy, music, and slide-show presentations.

I probably won’t be there, since I’m already All Knowing and, more importantly, it’s $20. But with Andy Richter hosting, Grant-Lee Phillips providing music, and presenters like Davy Rothbart of Found and Bill Hader of SNL I’m sure it will be well worth the Jackson.

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  1. Isn’t McSweeney’s “so last year” to you? Oh, wait, it’s so FOUR YEARS AGO to you.

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