How Much Is That Teaser In The Window…


So I’ve been seeing this teaser signage adorning various Echo Park retail establishments the past few weeks and it’s left me moderately curious as to what might be coming up over there in my neighboring hood. Well thanks to one of the businesses I passed by this morning, I found the answer in the form of an explanatory letter from the recently revived Echo Park Chamber of Commerce (EPCC). Turns out the EPCC is hosting a June 25 fundraiser in support of an area elementary school program.

From the letter:

“Movie Madness Under The Echo Park Stars” is an evening of outdoor film fun in the parking lot of the Citibank building at 1910 Sunset Boulevard. Three movies will be shown: “Godzilla” (the original), a “Three Stooges” short shot here in Echo Park, and “The Futurist” (a short by a local artist). There will be food, games and fun. All food and prizes are donations from Echo Park and Silver Lake businesses.”

Apparently additional teasers supporting this “progressive marketing” campaign are scheduled to show up soon with more information.

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  1. Well, I sincerely applaud the resurrection of the Echo Park Chamber of Commerce here. I’d be happy to help if they need assistance (from afar) getting more momentum! They seem to be doing ok so far, though.

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