How many Arclight employees does it take

to change a light bulb?

Last Friday I went to see Da Vinci Code at the Arclight Dome. I wasn’t super excited about the movie, but I did want to see how much they thrashed the story line. I don’t need to throw rotten tomatoes here, but it was pretty bad. We were out of popcorn in the first 20 minutes, which was when I started to get restless. I was completely bored with the story and started playing tricks with myself to try to make myself enjoy it more. I pretended that I had never read the book. I pretended that I was actually interested. I pretended that the actors were naked (gah!). I pretended that the actors could act. I stopped watching the actors and starting watching the scenery in the movie. I was still bored and still out of popcorn.

So I extracted myself from my seat and headed out to the concession stand. Whew, what a relief to blow through those curtains and I’m thinking about nice crunchy popcorn to distract me from the rest of the movie. As I walk up to the concessions I can barely see the counter, because there is a crowd of 8 to 10 Arclight employees all standing around. One is on a ladder and they are all giving each other directions. It takes me a moment to realize they are changing a light bulb. Really! So I start making some stupid changing a light bulb cracks and ask which one of them can sell me some popcorn and they point me to one guy standing behind the counter.

So I ask for some popcorn and as the employee behind the counter taking care of me, the employee on the ladder asks me to hand them the light bulb sitting on the counter in front of me. So I do. And now I know how many Arclight employees it takes to change a light bulb.

The answer is 8 plus one customer.

6 thoughts on “How many Arclight employees does it take”

  1. Perfect indictment of what was so obviously going to be a P.O.S.

    In fact, it may be one of the best movie reviews I’ve ever read…

  2. Actually the website is FUBAR because the development company who did it went out of business nad it’s currently using last century’s technology. But since they spent so much money on it and the system is in place and mostly works, they’re not about to change it anytime soon. Or at least, that’s the story when I talked to someone about last year.

  3. Expect a new, updated ticketing system at the theatre and on the web in two weeks – this according to an Arclight staff member from whom I bought tickets earlier this week.

  4. I emailed them again about their site a few weeks ago and got this:

    I apologize for the inconvenience you’ve had with our website and for the resulting difficulty accessing the website. Our leadership team is working on getting a new system in place in the meantime please excuse all the inconvenience.

    So, that bodes well for Dyban’s prediction.

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