Better Late Than Never: Primary Results

I know this is late, but if you still haven’t checked the election results from yesterday, here’s a link. The propositions were the only thing that most of the people I know cared about, and neither of them passed. Down south, Republican Brian Bilbray defeated Democrat Francine Busby in the vote over who would take over the last seven months of “Duke” Cunningham’s term. I’m dumbfounded. It doesn’t bode well for Democratic hopes later this year. They’ll face off again in November for the next term. Um, what else…Lee Baca’s back in the saddle and Angelides will be the Dem to face off against Commando‘s “John Matrix” over the Governor’s seat.

2 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never: Primary Results”

  1. I haven’t been able to find any results on the Judicial postions anywhere. You guys were so good about getting info on the candidates beforehand, does anybody know who won?

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