Satan’s Night Out

Although Beelzebubba Himself did an admirable job chronicling events, he did miss a couple of places where the dark among us can go to dance.

If you express your devil worship in dance rather than by headbanging, you can join the goth community at Hex Hollywood at Ivar tonight. This is an event by XianVox, who will also be one of the three DJs for the evening. The other two are Amanda Jones and Wednesday, whose sets I catch at Perversion and Bar Sinister, respectively. (Xian and Amanda Jones’ also spin at Malediction Society on Sundays). There will be performances by Desert Sin (among other dancers/performers), giveaways from record labels, costume contests…and most importantly, a large dance floor space. I’ve been psyched for this event since the boyfriend told me about it a month ago, and REALLY excited since we got our pre-sale tickets at Malediction Society this weekend. Tickets tonight are $25 at the door.

If goth/ebm/synthpop/industrial/darkwave/electro/etc isn’t your preferred inspiration for dancing, there’s also Sinner’s Sancturary, “a Freakishly Feendish night of Sinful Temptations”, and a “themed evening of Good-n-Evil, Angels & Devils & Church brethren gone bad.” They say to dress up as you wish but make sure its the nastiest you can get. There is a half-dozen demonic breaks/house DJs performing, as well as burlesque shows, fire Performance, dominatrix & fetish shows, free spankings, kissing booth, hookah bar, and body painting. It’s $20, $10 w/themed costume or if half naked, 18+ (21 to drink), and you need to pick up a shuttle from the southwest corner of 1st and Central to go, because the location is undisclosed. How very late 90s of them.

Or, if you’re more of a cutting-edge mid-00s type of person, you can also go to Tuesday at Cinespace. reports that they are showing all the most devilish movies possible. Free drinks available from 10-11, for the $5 cover. Resident DJ Steve Aoki, and resident photographer the Cobrasnake (not to be confused with our own Kogasnake) will be there as well. Oh, and Rock Kills Kid are playing, and I really liked their debut album. It was very catchy pop-rock with a smattering of that vaguely retro post-punk sound that all the kids are into this year.

Finally, if you’d like some good old fashioned rocking out, ovrcast collective has a show at the Vanguard with a ridiculously long lineup. High on Fire is the headliner, with Oxbow and Nachmystium. Complete lineup is at the site, and doors open at 6pm. Admission is free, so you can keep those coins to pay the boatman across the river Styx instead.

So there you go. What better night than this to indulge in some serious hedonistic dancing? And by the way, I’ll totally give bonus points to whoever can identify the “literary” (I use the term loosely) reference in the title. I can’t be the only person willing to admit to having read Anne Rice at some point.