Rock Me Asmodeus

It’s six minutes after six o’clock in the morning on the six day of the sixth month of the sixth year of the new millenium.

If you’re reading this, WHOO-HOO! You’re still alive!

Now’s the time to call all your friends and find out who the lucky ones are who were taken away in the rapture. Next, make sure your earthquake emergency kit is nearby, the car is loaded with gas, and that your affairs are in order… on second thought, screw your affairs – its the apocalypse, who cares if your cable bill is paid?

But while you’re spending your final days upon earth (before demons come and rip the flesh off your body and drag you to Lucifer’s eternal BBQ) why not take the opportunity to leave a comment and let us know how you plan on celebrating this day that welcomes Satan back to earth?

One thought on “Rock Me Asmodeus”

  1. Uhhhhhh I have a sacrificial lamb chop I am going to grill for this evenings ceremony and, if anyone needs a spare goat head for a ritual they have them at Grand Central Market downtown. Also, candles are really cheap at the 99c store.

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