Hail Satan! Hail the Mountain Goats!

For those of you unable to handle the divine Slaytanic greatness today, I offer you an alternative. . .

Granted, there is no alternative to Slayer, but you should know SoCal native John Darnielle and his moniker, The Mountain Goats! The video I found was a little out of sync but it just makes him look like he’s speaking in tongues, so it’s alright, yeah? In this song he pays tribute to “The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton.” Get ready to yell it with him. . .HAIL SATAN!

To learn more about the Mountain Goats try these sites.

2 thoughts on “Hail Satan! Hail the Mountain Goats!”

  1. Ahhhh Denton. How I miss little d. My heart weeps for it having been over developed.

  2. The Mountain Goats!! What a great band. We should all be singing The Orange Ball of Hate during our morning commute. You know, just to put us in the mood.

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