Feds: Local Robberies May Indicate Impending Terror Attack

Sign of the Apocalypse?

CBS News is reporting that US Official believe that the United States will be hit by another terror attack by the end of the year, and as evidence point to:

the holdup of a string of Torrance, Calif. gas stations last summer. Muslim converts who bonded together in prison planned to use the robberies to finance attacks on 20 Army recruiting stations.

More info on last August’s robberies can be found at the US Department of Justice and NBC 4 News, among other sources.

Additional suspected terrororist activity in Toledo, OH and Atlanta, GA led the Feds to this conclusion. The CBS piece goes on to say that while a next attack will likely not have as many casualties or be as spectacular as 9/11, there’s still reason to be prepared.

If four (plots), including the one in Canada, have been uncovered in just 11 months, officials fear there are inevitably other plots that have not been and are maturing even now.

One thought on “Feds: Local Robberies May Indicate Impending Terror Attack”

  1. I have a hard time with this. Not that there might be plots brewing. I can buy that. But as to local crime being a harbinger of a terrorist attack?

    My problem with this kind of thinking has to do with the sheer number of robberies that go on in a major city.

    There were 1154 robberies citywide last month alone. 1094 the month before that. And that’s just the LAPD’s numbers. This isn’t taking into account the robebries in unincorporated areas or those cities that get their law enforcement from the County.

    How do you parse that sort of thing out? Robberies are up 7% over last year, but they’re down 2% from 2004. What patterns do you look for? Numbers aren’t going to tell you everything.

    Which robberies are for terrorist fundraising? Which ones are for cash and bottles of Boone’s Farm?

    This screams of fearmongering to me.

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