Shake Ups and Break Ups

laist_carolynk.jpgIt’s no secret that us blogging.laers have had a, …um, strained relationship with the folks at since about a month after they launched. However things have improved 372% this year thanks almost entirely to the work of editor Carolyn Kellogg which makes me equal parts bummed and excited to point you to her post this morning announcing that she’s leaving LAist and moving to Pittsburgh to begin working on her MFA in Creative Writing. Congrats Carolyn, can’t wait to see what you do next. As for the site she’s leaving, she says “Gothamist has plans for the site… for now let’s just say there may be some big changes this summer” I’ve got my speculations and have heard 5 or 6 theories of where it’s headed over the last month or so, funny enough all of those are the same thing. I’m not saying anything, but maybe Mark has some thoughts? In other news comment curmudgeon Rodger Jacobs will be talking about crime and stuff for some yet-to-be-announced community blog which is apparently going to give us a run for our money. (Shhh! No one tell Rodger that people are allowed to read more than one local blog.) I’ve got more info than I want on that too, but am planning to just sit back and see how it plays out. Besides, I don’t really have time to worry about this all since I’m about to spend the next 2 months campped out in front of ArcLight waiting for SoaP!

2 thoughts on “Shake Ups and Break Ups”

  1. Here’s speculating (hoping?) that SoaP will open at the Chinese instead. Because we don’t get enough irony around here.

  2. Curses!!! Annika beat me to it. Here’s hoping for a visit to the SoaP nerds from J Sto.

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