Flynt’s Vicious Schnauzer Humiliates Woman

I love animals and always have, so that may explain why I am having trouble picturing a Schnauzer “viciously attacking” anything other than possibly a squeaky squeeze toy. For some reason when I hear about Flynt’s Schnauzer attacking a woman, my mind chimes in “but isn’t he paralyzed from the waist down?”. According to this article on the AP wire:

Cynthia Tribull claimed she suffered injuries and “severe shock fright, humiliation and emotional distress” after being bitten by the Schnauzer

The lawsuit accuses the Flynts of failing to restrain their dog or post a warning sign to pedestrians. It claims liability and negligence and seeks an unspecified amount of money for medical bills and other damages.

Isn’t severe shock a dangerous medical condition that could result in loss of life? Did she require a blanket and the elevation of her legs to prevent her from passing on?

2 thoughts on “Flynt’s Vicious Schnauzer Humiliates Woman”

  1. If a Schnauzer attacks you, you punch it. I’ve had it with yappy dogs and if any one tries to go for my Achilles it’s going to meet my fist or boot.

    Anybody that is threatened by a little dog like that needs treatment, or a lawsuit.

  2. I don’t know – some little dogs can be quite nasty. Jack Russels have a vicious protective nature that nice for owners but can be a bit annoying for anyone else. And a dog bite is a dog bite. No, it might not be as life threatening as a pit bull attack, but it depends on what happened here.

    Of course, yeah, it’s probably “more” traumatic when it happens to be a multi-millionaires dog that bites you. Convenient.

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