Debating for Sheriff

LASD-big-badge-outdoor3.jpgThis is a long drawn out story but the long and short of it is that the Full Disclosure Network set up a debate series with the people running for Sheriff of Los Angeles county. County Sheriff Captain Ray Leyva, Captain Ken Masse (ret), Lt. Don Meredith and Sgt. Paul Jernigan all took part in it while Sheriff Baca declined. Through some back and forth that I’m still not sure I understand taping of one segment may have been sabotaged, and cable channel #35 that was supposed to air it backed out at the last moment. L.A. Cable Channel #36 will be airing the pull piece today between 3-4PM, but Full Disclosure also has the full thing up online that you can watch at any point (hopefully before you vote tomorrow). [It’s embeded steaming video that is a touch buggy, but watchable – but a downloadable MOV or MPG would be so much nicer *hint* *hint*] Issues discussed include early prison release programs, if the Sheriff’s Department should be a social services or law enforcement agency, concealed weapons and gun control, retaining deputies, jail violence and illegal immigration. Definitely worth watching.