Crime In L.A.? Really?’s still a few seats left for this Saturday’s downtown CrimeBus tour called “The Nightmares of Bunker Hill”.

Described by LA Weekly’s Libby Molyneaux as the “latest offering from the fun-loving, history-smitten sickos of the 1947 Project,” hosts Kim Cooper and Nathan Marsak offer a 5 hour tour of the crime drenched underbelly of LA’s past. (they also offer snacks and beverages, and promise air conditioning on the bus… how else to keep the corpses fresh?)

Some of the tour’s highlights and reservation info after the jump…

Kim Cooper gives a sneak peek of some of the tour’s sights, sounds… and possible smells:

the site where Rosenda Mondragon’s body was discovered. She was one of the several young women killed in 1947 and dumped on the city streets who did NOT become an object of abiding obsession ala Elizabeth Short.

the ghost of a early Spanish-American lady whose family starved her because she fell in love with the wrong man. She is said to roam Chinatown wrapped in her long dark hair, and to bring disaster upon her relatives.

spots where unsuspecting citizens tumbled into open sewers and telephone trenches in the early part of the century, when streetlights were scarce and workmen didn’t give a damn.

the site where a little Edwardian-era child burned to death while playing with a Christmas toy train with real flames in its tender.

the site where smog or some other unknown process caused lady officeworkers’ nylons to melt off their legs in 1947.

the site where a dead homeless man lay rotting for several days in the 1980s while downtown workers studiously ignored him.

In short, fun for the whole family!

Tickets are $47 each and can be purchased online or with check. For complete info, go here.

Bonus link! From May 11, the LA Times Calendar reviews local tours that might be entertaining even for Angelenos…

(image from my shameful life’s flickr)

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  1. my favorite tour is the Back to the Future tour. sure, my friend made it up, but who doesn’t want to drive around the greater LA area seeing the locatitons used in back to the future?!

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