BREAKING: Last Minute Injunction Filed & Dismissed Over Diebold Voting Machines in LA

This is very interesting, according to BradBlog some folks from the Peace & Freedom Party as well as the Green Party filed a last minute injunction over “questionable use” & placement of Diebold electronic voting machines as well as uncertified software and internet connections on those machines. It also seems that just before 7PM that injunction was dismissed. The full report is here, but this isn’t the only popping-up-at-the-last-moment issue, it also sounds like some of the machines are giving out wrong ballots.

Further, another troubling detail about Diebold’s touch-screen systems in the county was revealed on Friday of last week when The BRAD BLOG received an email indicating that one voter at least — Michael Shure, a political commentator on Sirius Sattelite’s The Young Turks radio program — who voted on the Diebold touch-screen machines was given the incorrect ballot.

Shure, who lives in CA’s 36th congressional district noted that his touch-screen ballot gave him the option to vote for Rep. Henry Waxman, who is running unopposed in his U.S. Congressional primary, instead of the Winograd/Harman race which should have been on his ballot.

“Unbelievable,” Shure wrote in his email. “Had I not known, as I am sure many voters don’t, who my Rep. was, and what district I live in, I would have been voting for someone else.”

So, if you are voting tomorrow and your polling place has these machines, might not be a bad idea to bring your sample ballot so that you know who you should be allowed to vote for.

One thought on “BREAKING: Last Minute Injunction Filed & Dismissed Over Diebold Voting Machines in LA”

  1. During my lunch I went to vote at the polling place listed on my sample ballot only to be informed upon arrival that my polling place had changed this morning.
    I was directed to a different polling place down the street, but once I got there they had no record of me. After 30 minutes of searching they determined that I had been sent to the wrong polling place, and needed to go to a third location to vote.
    When I finally got to “my” location it was a graveyard, and apparently it had been that way all day.
    I swear, it’s got to be easier to vote in Iraq.

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