Dead Men Tell No Tales… because the web does it for them items about haunted mansions, dead pirates, and fireflies…

Dead Men Tell No Tales just posted concept art for some of the upcoming changes on the Pirates of Caribbean ride at Disneyland. While I’m not opposed to making renovations and mixing things up a bit, so far I’m not impressed at their efforts to integrate Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow character and other elements from the upcoming sequel to the Pirates movie. In one scene they have an animatronic Jack sitting amidst piles of treasure – part of the fun of the original ride is seeing all the treasure unattended, ripe for the plucking. Unfortunately, my annual pass just expired, so if anyone see Pirates when it reopens before I do, please drop a line and let me know if the changes are plundering my childhood fantasies.

(Image from Tell No Tales)

If anyone has visited the Haunted Mansion lately they may have noticed a number of excellent changes and additions. Madame Leota’s crystal ball now floats around the room, and the attic scene has introduced new “haunted” paintings and other modifications that go for more of a creepy feel, as opposed to going for child friendly cartoon horror. You can see some of these “enhancements” discussed at the Tell No Tales sister site, DoomBuggies, which is a blast to browse for any Haunted Mansion fan.

Finally, Tell No Tales has a lead on how you can have fireflies like the ones seen at the beginning of the ride (and from the view inside of Blue Bayou restaurant) at your own home by the guy that Disney used to install theirs. Unsure the rates, but if you wanted to compare quotes check out Firefly Magic who sell kits you can install yourself. The cheapest option is a kit to make your own bell jar of “fireflies” for about $70… not cheap, but easier than shipping them in from the South or Midwest.

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  1. I read a spoiler filled writeup of the revised pirates ride that they are currently only allowing cast members to ride and it sounds awesome. They have completely redone the sound and replaced all the old lighting with LED based systems. Also the women being chased are no longer holding food…. there are a number of the PC elements from the late 90’s revision that have been removed, thankfully. For all the good they’ve done, I don’t think I will be bothered terribly by the 3 animitronic Depps.

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